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Riding Resourse Info

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Riding Instruction

Washington Motorcycle Safter Training www.gowmst.com

Puget Sound Safety




Evergreen Safety Council


Mike Sullivan Racing School


Northwest Motorcycle School


Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety Inc.


WMRRA (WA Motorcycle Road Race Association)


Eric Waunch Motocross School


ATV Safety Institute



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Bike Clubs

Bremerton Cruisers www.bremertoncrusisers.com
Cascade Family Motorcycle Club www.cascadefamilymc.org
Eastern Washington Dirt Riders www.easeternwashingtondirtriders.org
Fringe Motorcycle Club www.fringe-mc.com
Full Tilt Riders www.fulltiltriders.com
Honda Riders Club of America http://hrca.honda.com
Mt Baker Motorcycle Club www.hanneganspeedway.us
Mt St Helens Motorcycle Club www.mshmc.org
Olympic Peninsula Motorcycle Club www.opmc.org
Over the Bars Gang www.overthebarsgang.com
PNW Riders www.pnwriders.com
Puget Sound Enduro Riders www.psermc.org
River City Motorcycle Club www.rivercitymc.org
ROK - Riders of Kawasaki www.kawasaki.com/rok www.kawasaki.com/smart
Skagit Motorcycle Club www.skagitmc.com
Stump Jumpers www.stumpjumpers.org
Tacoma Motorcycle Club www.tacomamc.com

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Women's Bike Clubs

Women Riders Now www.womenridersnow.com
Chick Riders www.chicriders.com
Motor Maids www.motormaids.org
Women in the Wind www.womeninthewind.org
Women on Wheels www.womenonwheels.org

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Adventure Riders Forum http://www.advrider.com/forums/
Cycle Forums www.cycleforums.com
Dirt Rider www.dirtrider.net
Eric Waunch Forums www.ewmxschools.com/eve/ubb
Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine Forum http://forums.motorcyclecruiser.com/
PNW Forums www.pnwriders.com/forum/
Steve Saunders Goldwing Forum www.goldwingfacts.com/forums/
Thumpertalk www.thumpertalk.com
WA Dual Sport Riders Forum http://www.dualsport.net/forum/

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Places to Ride and Organizations

2Fast www.2-fast.org
Adrenaline Freaks www.adrenalinefreaks.com
AMA District 27 www.amadist27.org/
Evergreen Motocross Park http://evergreenmotocrosspark.com/
NMA (Northwest Motorcycle Organization) www.nmaoffroad.org
OMRRA (Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association) www.omrra.com
Pacific Raceways www.pacificraceways.com
Portland Internations Raceways www.portlandraceway.com
PRO (Pacific Racing Organization) www.pacificracingmx.com
Spokane Raceway Park www.spokaneracewaypark.com
WHR Motorsports www.whrmotorsports.com
WOHVA (WA Off Highway Vehicle Alliance) www.wohva.org
WORCS www.worcsracing.com/home.php
WMRRA (WA Motorcycle Road Race Association) www.wmrra.com

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