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Meet Our Sales Team

Pat Neland, General Sales Manager Gregg Anderson, General Manager
Pat Neland
General Sales Manager

Pat has been with Cycle barn since 1999 and is the cornerstone of the Sales Department.

He spent his formative years on the east side of the mountains riding dirt bikes through the sagebrush, sand and dunes.

He loves working at the Barn, fulfilling his dream of hanging out in a toy store everyday.

He says hes never bored and is always excited to see and ride the next new cool bike, ATV, or anything with wheels and motor.

Gregg Anderson
General Manager

Jen Brown,  Dirt bike rider
Jen Brown

Jennifer grew up riding dirt bikes with her older brothers. When she raced her 2-Stroke Yamaha at Harescrambles her favorite track was Goldendale. Her favorite place to ride with her friends is Belfair.

One of her fondest memories is when she was a young girl riding on the back of her Dad's Goldwing on long road trips.

She is a horse owner, and appreciates ATVs for many uses around the property. She enjoys riding with her family every year in Montana.

For several years the early 90's Jennifer was a Start line official for W.M.R.R.A. (Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Associaton). "You never forget the sound of a sportbike traveling down the straight away at 100 ++ MPH, it get's in your blood! I love all types of motorcycles, but my favorite sound is of a sportbike at a high RPM."

Jennifer started as a Sales person for Cycle Barn in April 2004. Jennifer is known for being honest, and straight forward. She is the proud parent of Cody her 13 year old boy "Cody" who now rides his 2-Stroke Yamaha.

Kim Patton, licensing needs Megan Williams, receptionist
Kim Patton

Kim takes care of all our licensing needs here at Cycle Barn, along with many other important office tasks. She has been with the company for over twelve years.
Megan Williams

Megan is the first person you meet here at Smokey Point Cycle Barn. She is our receptionist and cheer queen! She will brighten your day with her cheery phone manners and her enthusiasm is infectious!
Kathleen Roberts Gary Harper Lucy
Kathleen Roberts

Kathleen has been working for Cycle Barn for a total of one and a half years. She's been riding for 12 years now.

Her first ride was a Polaris Scrambler 330, and as for what she has in her garage now she can only say "way too much".

Her favorite ATV of all time is the Yamaha Grizzly 700 and her other passions are riding with her beautiful yellow lab Lucy.

Number one on Kathleen's bucket list is to travel.
Gary Harper

Gary has worked for Cycle Barn for 15 years, and has been riding for 45 years. His first motorcycle was a 1951 Triumph, but currently residing in his garage is a John Deere tractor. His favorite bike of all time is the 1983 honda CX650T.

Outside of work Gary enjoys fishing, and taking care of his three dogs, and 200 squirrels.

As for Gary's bucket list, he says this: "Don't you have to be old to have one of these?"

Lucy Roberts

Lucy is a vital part of the Smokey Point Cycle Barn team. She cheers us on from Kathleen's office a few days out of every week.

Lucy enjoys tug of war, treats, and scratching behind her ears. She also likes riding in her mommy and daddy's Polaris Ranger RZR!
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