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You can't predict a theft or an accident, but with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), you can be prepared should one occur.

In many cases, powersports owners assume their primary insurance coverage will be enough to cover any loss related to their machine. In reality, the actual cash value placed on your machine by the insurance company may be substantially less than the outstanding balance on your loan contract. Can you afford to use money from your own pocket to pay the difference, plus cover your insurance deductible? What about the cost of buying a new machine?

GAP provides the following benefits:

• Pays 100% of the difference between your loan balance* and what your insurance company will pay for your machine (in the event of theft or total loss)
• Reimburse up to $1000 of your insurance deductible

*GAP does not cover items which are not permanently attached to the machine. This would include jackets, gloves, helmets, ESCs etc.

These machines are recognized for their quality, performance, and durability. Like most people, you have probably worried about the risk of expensive repairs after your factory warranty expires. Today’s motorcycles and ATVs have become increasing complex. In fact a single mechanical break down could end up costing much more than years of an extended service contract. Well, worry no more. Extended Service Contracts are solid plans designed to protect not only your investment but also your peace of mind.

MasterTech Extended Service Contracts
• $25.00 deductible at selling dealer, and $50.00 anywhere else in the United States and Canada
• No mileage limitations
• Transferable
• Pickup up to $150.00 per occurrence
• Engine
• Fuel delivery
• Transmission
• Steering
• Electrical
• Gauges
• Suspension
• Plus seals and gaskets and cooling system covered on all new units

This is a general overview of the Extended Service Contract we offer, please call Sarah 360-530-7800 or stop in to see her for details.

Etch provides a permanent identification marking on your vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen and is not recovered within 30 days, you will receive a replacement allowance of $2,000.00 or $3,000.00 (depending on the purchased plan) towards the replacement vehicle.
• Your vehicle is “etched” with a permanent ID sticker that can be seen under a black light if sticker is removed, and used to identify your vehicle and deter thieves.
• If your vehicle is not recovered within 30 days, you will receive a replacement allowance up to the stated limits.
• The replacement allowance is paid in addition to your primary insurance (if insured).
• If the vehicle is returned within 30 days, Etch will pay your insurance deductible for you (up to $1000) to repair any damages done during the vehicle’s absence (if insured).

The roads have potholes, rocks, nails, screws, metal parts, plastic or composite scraps and many other items that can cause tire, and wheel damage. With this coverage you will be reimbursed for any claims made to repair or replace tires and wheels due to road hazards for five years.

• 24-Hour Toll-Free Roadside Emergency Assistance, including:
  - Pick up service up to $50.00 per occurrence.
  - Battery service
  - Mechanical first aid
• Tire Replacement
• Wheel/Rim protection
• Reimburses for tire, wheel, and labor

This is just an overview of the benefits we can offer to protect you and your new or current vehicle. Please contact Sarah at 360-530-7800, email her at s.yarcho@cyclebarn.com, or stop by to see her for more details.

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